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ACP Aluco Cladding, Glass, Curtain Wall, Glazing, Structural Glazing, Spiders, Skylights, Rooflights, Canopies, Domes, Shades, Rooftops, Fiberglass, MS, Polycarbonate, Glass Roofing, And Fixed, Sliding, Openable & Retractable Systems 

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Facade Engineering

Development of Building Facades/ Exteriors with ACP Aluco Claddings, Curtain Walls, Glass, Glazing etc.



      Building Envelope Engineering







1-Aluminum Composite Panel/ ACP Aluco Cladding

2-Glass Works/Glass Elevations

3-Curtain Wall, Structural Glazing, Double Glazing

4-Aluminum Works (Doors, Windows, Fixed Panels etc.)

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